Small Hands Foods - Orgeat - 17.5 oz.

Small Hands Foods - Orgeat - 17.5 oz.

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If you want to make an authentic mai tai or Japaense cocktail, or just want to introduce a new dimension to your existing cocktail repertoire, you'll want to get your paws on a high-quality bottle of orgeat, like this premium offering from Small Hand Foods.

Unlike many of its competitors, which use corn syrup, artificial flavors, and other junk in their ready-to-use syrups, Small Hand Foods makes its orgeat with natural and organic ingredients like real California almonds, cane sugar, orange flower water, lemon juice, brandy, and a smattering of apricot kernels. The result is a sweet, never cloying orgeat with a pleasant and distinctive marzipan taste buoyed with bright notes of citrus.

In addition to classic and modern cocktails, the multidimensional sweetness of Small Hand Foods orgeat works equally well in homemade lemonade or stirred into soda water. It's so versatile a syrup, you'll wonder how you ever did without.

  • Pronounced or-zhat
  • An almond syrup of French origin used to flavor cocktails and other beverages
  • Made from California almonds and apricot kernels to give it a distinct marzipan flavor
  • Other ingredients include organic cane sugar, orange flower water, organic lemon juice, and biodynamic California brandy
  • Orgeat is most famously used in the Mai Tai, but can also be found in the Fog Cutter, Japanese Cocktail, Planter's Punch #1, Scorpion, and various other tiki drinks
  • Also works well with absinthe
  • Delicious as a spritzer with seltzer or to sweeten lemonade
  • In Tunisia and Libya, a similar version is called rozata and is usually served chilled at wedding & engagement parties as a symbol of joy and purity because of its white color and its fresh floral flavor
  • Product contains brandy as a food additive; ABV (alcohol by volume) is 0.5% (less than the ABV of vanilla extract)